The Management Team of Healthy Nation

Head Coach

Saurav Mishra

Sourav Mishra is a highly-trained professional and a certified sports nutritionist qualified from the Institute of K11 Science. He is detail-oriented, dynamic and a profound thinker who's able to think from every possible scenario and focus on the good part. He has an approachable personality who is committed to individual integrity, values and personal growth. He has a positive and supportive demeanour and shares effective techniques and strategies to alleviate health and fitness-related issues and elevate physical, mental and spiritual intelligence. He strongly believes that what really hurts a person today makes him stronger tomorrow.

Sales and Marketing Head of Healthy Nation

Sachin Mishra

I am Sachin Mishra a graduate of bachelors in Business Administration and I am currently a Sales and Marketing Head at Healthy Nation. I am a certified digital marketer and certified in Financial accounting with various internship and job experience. I have a keen hobby in the health and fitness sector as I myself am a fitness addict. I am happy to join the Healthy Nation team and give my best to grow more...

Technical Head of Healthy Nation

Technical Lead

Anup Sharma

I am Anup Sharma, a professional techy geek with an experience of more than 10 years on various technology platform with variety of projects. I am a Technical Head at HealthyNation. I invest my maximum time in a group & internet for learning various aspects of different people and new technologies.I like listening point of views of different people,share my thoughts with them and have a lot of talk about implementation of new ideas.