Sourav Pratap Singh

Fat to Fit

If you are looking for someone who can get you into what you are looking for then I will certainly recommend Sourav Misra as your Personal Trainer. I always needed a buddy to exercise and then there I have Sourav who is really very supportive, motivating and flexible with everything that you need to reach your goal. I have been working out for a long time but without any proper routine or guidelines regarding diet and exercise. But now after all the knowledge, and support that he has given me regarding my body, exercise and diet that I have to follow, has really helped me a lot to achieve my personal target.

It doesn't matter whether you are travelling or you are in the same city, he doesn't leave you alone.. keeps on following up with you regardless of anything as he strongly believes in 'If you want to build a legacy then you have to be consistent. He will make you understand the importance of things by explaining them in detail, which eventually helps us in many ways. You will really feel very comfortable and confident under his guidance as he understands you, your routine, your body, your requirements, your limitations and everything that matters. I feel really very fortunate to be trained and able to achieve my targets under his guidance. (97kgs to 71Kgs)