Pragati Jhawar

With wholeheartedly I would like to thank you for bringing this positive change in my life ,before this fitness journey all I cared about was weight loss and for me fitness was only about weight loss and desire to keep my measurement lighter on the weighing scale. After joining you , I was sceptical about the diet despite of knowing the nutritional value of my food but everything around me conspired to doubt the food but with full faith I followed the diet and I actually enjoyed the food that I was eating and the good part was when I can see the measurements going down this was as me after 1 month but after 2nd month I realised that fitness is not about seeing the number go down on the weighing scale but it's about increase in stamina and also positive approach in life . From not being able to stand for more than 3 hours in a day to working and standing for more than 8 hour without feeling exhausted.

My journey is still continuing and now I feel much better and confident. The mirror, weighing scale and inch-tape don’t scare me now. People around me have started noticing the visible positive changes. I must say that this is the best that I have seen in the last few years.A genuine heartfelt THANKS to you Sourav . You were very Cooperative with me throughout my journey , he always responded to all my queries with a proper answer , proper facts and took all his time to make me understand these concepts. I am very happy with my results