Piyush Jaiswal

I have been training under Sourav Mishra (MR. Fitmike) for 10 months.

He has completely changed my notion about training and nutrition. His training approach is totally based on science and facts.

The most interesting part for me was gaining knowledge about perfect form and technique as it will give you better results and less chance of injury.

The most challenging part for me was my diet and nutrition because I am a pure vegetarian therefore the choice of food was limited for me, but Sourav helped me overcome this challenge and provided me with many choices.

Due to proper supplementation and training my muscle mass has increased and my fat percentage has reduced, I have also lost some weight.

I never thought such type of improvement can be achieved in such a short duration & I would definitely recommend his training and nutrition to others because there are very limited numbers of trainers who have as much knowledge as Sourav.