Physical Fitness

Good physical health is linked to fitness – being able to perform effectively the physical tasks involved in life as well as sport.

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Mental Fitness

mental health is linked to personal wellbeing – feeling positive about yourself.

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Spiritual Fitness

Spirituality is the way you find meaning, hope, comfort, and inner peace in your life. Many people find spirituality through religion. Some people find it through music, art, or a connection with nature.

How Fit You Are?
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Real People Real Stories

Sanjay Jaiswal

The world was looking huge for me when I wanted to hold on to something, that is how I came across Sourav Mishra the Fitness Coach & Sports Nutritionist. I acknowledge his expertise with a 3 months program to transform my energy levels & food habits. Since then there is no looking back. I must thank you Coach Sourav for sharing me your fitness & nutritional plan in my journey called life.

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Piyush Jaiswal

I have been training under Sourav Mishra (MR. Fitmike) for 10 months. He has completely changed my notion about training and nutrition. His training approach is totally based on science and facts. The most interesting part for me was gaining knowledge about perfect form and technique as it will give you better results and less chance of injury. The most challenging part for me was my diet and nutrition because I am a pure vegetarian therefore the choice of food was limited for me, but sourav helped me overcome this challenge and provided me with many choices.

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I started nutrition & fitness plan after getting affected by covid. i wanted to be in the best shape & the best person to help was sourav mishra( fitmike). i always used feel tired, dizzy, less strength but now i have gained muscle, strength & lose fat with very great nutrition & exercise plan given by him. i would recommend others to take the guidance

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Saurav Paratap Singh

If you are looking for someone who can get you into what you are looking for then I will certainly recommend Sourav Misra as your Personal Trainer. I always needed a buddy to exercise and then there I have Sourav who is really very supportive, motivating and flexible with everything that you need to reach your goal.

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Sachin Mishra

Hey, I am Sachin Mishra and i have been training under Mr. Sourav Mishra (Mr. Fitmike) since the lockdown started and I have experienced drastic changes in me as you can see in the photo. It's been 2 months since I have changed myself completely. The procedure was not that easy but he helped me get through every exercise, every reps from beginner to advanced. He provided me with guidance in nutrition too. I have got to know that being on a nutrition / diet is not only for your healthy body but also changes your lifestyle.

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We’re here for your health’s
full journey

Taking little steps towards your lifestyle is what we are here for. Understanding your body requirements and giving the answer of your when, what and how is the easiest task we can take over! You question your humdrum life routine?. We put this question to an end with most suitable and adaptable approach!!

Unlock Your Health Journey

Choose Your Fitness Program


Customized Diet OR Fitness plan & Unlimited calls.

Rs. 1999(Upto 40% OFF)

Standard Pro

Customized Diet + Fitness Plan & Unlimited Calls.

Rs. 2999(Upto 40% OFF)

Premium Live

Customized Diet OR Fitness plan, unlimited calls & Live session.

Rs. 2499(Upto 40% OFF)

Premium Live Pro

Customized Diet + Fitness plan, Unlimited calls, Live session.

Rs. 3499(Upto 40% OFF)

YOG Standard

Customized YOG Plan, Unlimited Calls, Studio Live Access Support.



Customized YOG + Diet Plan, Unlimited Calls, Studio Live Access Support

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Know Your Expert

Perception is everyone's work but only EXPERTS' knows it Right!! Let our expert help you prepare for a HealthyNation.

Sourav Mishra

Experience of 5+ years

Sourav Mishra is a highly-trained professional and a certified sports nutritionist qualified from the Institute of K11 Science. He is detail oriented, dynamic and a profound thinker who's able to think from every possible scenario and focus on the good part. He has an approachable personality who is committed to individual integrity, values and personal growth. He has a positive and supportive demeanor and shares effective techniques and strategies to alleviate health and fitness related issues and elevate physical, mental and spiritual intelligence. He strongly believes that what really hurts a person today makes him stronger tomorrow.

Qualification: Diploma in personal training and sports nutrition.

Specialization: Functionality,Hypertrophy,Strength & Condition, HIIT, Calisthenics, MMA, Cardio training..

Physically Mentally Spiritually

To build the foundations for a happier and healthier life, it’s important to understand the basics of each. Keep reading to learn more about some of the ways that nurturing your physical, mental, and spiritual state interact to contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Unlike others, professionals in HealthyNation believe in growing healthy in an organic manner. We do not promote drastic transformations in a short period of time through inorganic intakes, which might lead to chronic diseases in the long term. We provide personalised plans and nutrition programs in accordance with your body requirements.We believe that it’s not a sprint to get in shape.It’s going to be a journey and HealthyNation promises to be your best companion in this journey.

With effective nutritional plans and guidance by absolute professionals, members of HealthyNation can see visible transformations in no time! HealthyNation emphasises on understanding your body type and treats accordingly which ensures best results. We believe having a fit and healthy body keeps you rejuvenated and boosts your confidence. Thus join us to grow fit and contribute to a HealthyNation.

'Health is wealth’, goes the saying. The healthier the citizens of a country, the more effective the workforce. Unfortunately most of us are suffering from several health issues which we are carrying throughout our lives with medication and surgeries. Ultimately what is happening is that the pharma companies are growing more and more for the sake of our illness. We at HealthyNation, provide non conventional organic programs which magically cures these problems as we understand the importance of good health.

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